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The Weaverville Community Services District (District or WCSD) is a publicly owned water agency operating under the direction of an elected board of directors. The District provides water to the communities of Weaverville, Douglas City, and Union Hill located in Trinity County west of the City of Redding, in northern California.

The existing District boundary encompasses approximately 12 square miles (7,780 acres). In the year 2001, the District served a population of about 3,800 with 1,498 individual services, and produced 302 million gallons of treated water.

Most of the District is in moderately hilly terrain with elevations varying from 2,720 feet (East Weaver Tank) to 1,650 feet (Douglas City). Most of the community, businesses, and industry are located along Highway 299 and Highway 3. The densest population centers are within a block of the two highways.