Rate Increase Notice


Weaverville Community Services District

Notice of Public Hearing

2019 Water Rate Increase


The reason for this letter is for the notification and explanation of the proposed Weaverville Community Services District’s water rate increase.  It also contains additional information on the proposed rate increase.

The Board of Directors has set a public hearing on November 20, 2019 at 5:15 PM at the District office located on 716 Main St. Weaverville CA. At the hearing the rate increase will be described to the public and the public will have the opportunity to comment on the proposed changes. If adopted the proposed changes will be put into effect on January 1, 2020.

This notice will be sent to all property owners and customers that currently receive water service from the Weaverville Community Services District. This letter also describes how to file a protest against the proposed rate increase.

The District proposes a onetime adjustment to the water rates across all meters.  There will be no adjustment to the commodity charge it will remain at $1.645 per 100cuft. (748gallons).    The proposed rate structure is as follows.


Meter Size

Current Minimum New Minimun Difference per month



3/4"Fire n/a 28.00


3/4" $32.80 $39.00



$51.60 $61.50 $9.90


$83.75 $13.45


$93.70 $111.50 $17.80


$139.50 $22.40




Why are the rates proposed to be increased?

  1. Increased costs, including but not limited to; fuel, laboratory, supplies, chemicals, equipment replacement, and personnel.
  2. The need to fund capital replacement costs and to establish an operating reserve, the district had to pull money out of reserves, to balance the operating budget.
  3. The need for the enterprise fund to become self-sustaining.



How do I protest the proposed rate increase?

If you would like to protest the rate increase, you must submit a written protest to the District office at or before the time set for the public hearing.  If a protest is filed by a majority of the affected parcel owners, the proposed rate increase will not be imposed.  As a result revenues will not keep up with cost increases for operations, materials, capital cost, debt service, and resulting in reduced services.

A written protest must contain a description of the parcel or parcels in which the party signing the protest has an interest. A current address or the assessor’s parcel number is sufficient to identify the parcel(s).  If the party signing the protest is not shown on the last equalized assessment role of Trinity County as the owner of the parcel(s), the protest must contain or be accompanied by written evidence that such party is the owner of the parcel(s)


If you have any questions regarding the proposed rate increase please contact the district office at 623-5051

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