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State Revisits Emergency Regulations

Since the spring of 2015, the State of California has been developing and implementing emergency regulations in attempts to recover from the impacts of the statewide drought that has plagued California for the last 4 years.  

A wet winter this year has provided much needed relief and topped off several of the State's reservoirs.  On May 18th, the State issued a revision to the emergency regulations which affected every water system differently.  Extensive information on the current and past regulation is available at the State's website.

In general the modifications were a relaxation of conservation requirements, however some general practices are still prohibited including but not limited to using a hose without a shutoff nozzle, washing down sidewalks or driveways, or allowing sprinkler irrigation to run off of vegetated area.  

The most significant change that effects WCSD customers is the lifting of irrigation restrictions to be enforced by the water agencies.  WCSD passed an irrigation restriction ordinance in 2015, extended it in February 2016, and will consider rescinding it at the Regular Board Meeting scheduled for May 25, 2015.

Any questions regarding the Emergency Regulations or the District's Irrigation Restriction Ordinance can be addressed by calling the District office at (530) 623-5051.